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Kelleher Real Estate has contributed to the island community for over 25 years in the form of camper and college scholarships for children and has supported numerous other causes to include Visiting Nurses, Hospice, Rotary, Island Food Pantry, Felix Neck, MV Boys and Girls Club etc. Housing, food and utilities are among the highest in this state and many island families are struggling to make ends meet. To this end, those families with a home and those hoping to buy one are participating in a very competitive market. This is why we have decided that (as a long time island business) we would like to help year round residents in this process. We have therefore decided to be the first real estate office to become a member business offering discounts for buyers and sellers.

If you would like to discuss this discount further please feel free to call me at (508) 728-9590. I look forward to your call.

                                                                                                                                Warmest Regards,

                                                                                                                                  Jean Kelleher


Conditions of Discount


Sellers - If the office client is a seller and a buyer is found as a result of our efforts, Kelleher Real Estate will deduct 10% off Kelleher Real Estate’s portion of the commission up to a maximum of $5,000 per transaction. Our hope is that this credit will help with some of the closing costs incurred by a Seller to include things such as septic inspections,legal fees, state sales stamps, etc.


Buyers - If the office client is a Buyer and they find a home we help them successfully put under agreement, at the time of closing Kelleher Real Estate will issue a closing cost credit to be of 10% of the office side of the commission to be earned from the transaction up to a maximum of $5,000 per transaction. It is our hope this credit will help defray some of the closing costs incurred on a purchase such as home inspections, bank fees, lawyer fees, land bank etc.












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